Why your fonts don’t look right on the Chrome app


So, fun fact: the Chrome app for Android or iOS tries to help you SOOOO MUCH. In fact, it will hijack the CSS styles of text on your web site and tweak them to be more readable. It tweaks them by as much as 300%. It tweaks only some of the text elements and leave other ones alone. So yeah, HUUUUUUGE form labels next to teeny tiny form elements for example. Ugh.

Chrome calls this “font boosting”. I call this “stress boosting”.

If you’re like me (and I know I am), you find this annoying because it makes your web site look like garbage.

Do you want to tell the Chrome to disable font boosting? Luckily, it’s easy to do so. Just apply this style to some root element of your page like this:

#page_wrapper {
max-height: 999999px;

if you have a page wrapper. If not, do this instead:

html * {
max-height: 999999px;

The style will cascade down, and Chrome will stop being such a control freak helpy helperton. You’ll have control to style your css as you see fit.